Parking Map

The AT&T Center features more than 7,000 parking spaces on its property, including parking for patrons with disabilities located in Lots 1- 4. Prices and availability for parking varies by event.

Accessible parking spaces are available in each lot and are issued on a first come/first serve basis. All guests that have an ADA placard are required to present their driver’s license, and must be present in the vehicle.

If you have a disabled veterans (DV) plate, all patrons will be required to present the certificate of disability. Additionally, the person to whom the certificate is registered must be present in the vehicle and present valid identification matching the certificate. This policy applies to any general parking areas.

This does not apply to presold areas that are designated PERMIT ONLY (lot 2 &3). Rampage, Stars parking will be available in lot 4 and for Spurs games lots 1 and 4.

All major credit cards are now accepted as a form of payment for parking.

Please call the AT&T Center at 210-444-5140 for event specific prices and information.


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